Ashes of Honor (an October Daye Novel) by Seanan McGuire

My first thought upon finishing Ashes of Honor…”how long do I have to wait until the next book????” . The October Daye series is one of my favorite series and I am never (knock on wood) disappointed.  In Ashes of Honor we find Toby is recovering from her losses a year later, but  buoyed by her  seeming inability to do great harm to herself and the friendships of her fetch, May, her squire, Quentin and the ever present, King of the Cats, Tybalt (dreamy sigh), she marches on.

Toby is called upon by Etienne, another of Sylvester’s Knights, to help locate and save his changeling daughter, Chelsea, who may bring about the end of Faerie as they know it. While Toby and her friends-at-arms are racing to save Chelsea and Faerie, Tybalt is in the midst of a coup, in the form of Samson, Raj’s bitter, power-hungry, uncle.

The action is fast-paced, the drama is intense, and there is smexiness and lots and lots of coffee.

Seanan McGuire, you are fanflippingtastic!  I adore you and would give up my coffee for you without fail, if you keep writing amazing books such as Ashes of Honor. Open roads ❤