Faith Hunter, Blood Trade - Jane Yellowrock #6

Faith Hunter, Blood Trade – Jane Yellowrock #6

I have long been a fan of the Jane Yellowrock series, Faith Hunter never disappoints me and she, once again, kicks some arse with the newest addition to the Yellowrock series.

Hieronymus, the Master of Natchez (or MOC for true fans), Mississippi calls in Jane to help him deal with an increasingly worrisome problem. Rogue vampires that follow the Naturaleza way of vampire are terrorizing the city. These are not your average crazy Naturaleza rogue vampires, these are your mutant cracked out on Lord knows what variety. 

Jane and her new partner s Eli and Kid, head to Natchez to help the MOC with his problem, Jane riding Bitsa of course. In the midst of it all Reach contacts her with request from a former orphanage buddy, Misha, who wants to interview her for a book she is writing. Little does Jane realize how Misha will become a part of what is happening in Natchez.

Bruiser a/k/a George Dumas  makes his way to Mississippi to help Jane with the rogue problem, per Leo’s instructions of course,  and there is undeniable tension between he and Jane as a result of his role in the bonding between Jane (or more specifically Beast) and Leo.

Rick LaFleur and PsyLED (the Psychometry Law Enforcement Division of Homeland Security,) also assist Jane in the investigation. We are reintroduced to his supervisor, SOUL (still unsure if she is a witch or?), the Beast (wolf stuck in werewolf form) and Pea (a juvenile grindylow).  Jane and Rick still make sparks fly, but it is bittersweet.

The story is fast paced.  Jane has the best toys and the best breakers (see Kid, I remembered!) and I love how Faith Hunter always incorporated Jane’s spiritualism and her Native heritage into the story.  I also appreciate that Hunter has stayed true to her characters and not gone the route of so many other authors who start to lose sight of who their characters happen to be.