Lisa Voisin, The Watcher

Lisa Voisin, The Watcher

Upon finishing the reading of The Watcher, a Charlie Feathers tune immediately came to mind…”I’ve Been Deceived”.  I always denied that I could have my head turned by a pretty cover, but now I must admit, publicly, that I have a problem* hanging my head shamefully*.

The Watcher is the story of Mia Crawford, a high school senior who wonders if her eyes are ears are playing tricks on her. She sees things that none of her friends do – black dogs with demon-like eyes, winged creatures and mist. Are the voices in her head or is she actually hearing people talk? (After awhile, I didn’t even care if I learned the answer to those questions; I just wanted to finish the book so I could say I wasn’t a quitter.)

Entire the two boys who are part of the obligatory love triangle and all of its typical YA Fantasy glory – Michael (the good angel) and Damiel (the fallen angel). Yep and that’s all I have to say about them.

Readers, including myself, who have read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, will immediately want to cry FOUL upon reading The Watcher. The stories are very similar and let’s admit the “story” has been done time and time again and almost beaten to death. Angels?  Check. Demons?  Check. Love Triangle?  Check. Girl who is beautiful, sweet and amazing, that doesn’t seem to know it?  Check. I was disappointed throughout the book, it was so cliché, but I think I could have stomached the disappointment if the book had included the ancient history that was touted to be tied into the story in a greater fashion.  

The Watcher …look at the pretty cover, but don’t open it.